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New Billet 220Amp Alternator
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Part No. ALT-BILLET-01 CAE Performance Products New Billet 220Amp Alternator
CAE Performance Products now manufacture their own New Billet Alternator.
It suits Chev - Ford and Holden V8 and Sixes.
Designed and made in Australia by CAE Performance Products
Suits: Chev Small Block 283-400 and Big Block 396-500
Ford Cleveland 302-351 - Windsor 302-351 and 6cyl engines
Holden 308-305 and 253 Red-Blue and Black 6Cyls.
Special Applications can be catered for.
Specifications: 220 Continuous charging Amps at 14.4Volts
Size: Diameter 150mm - Length 160mm - 170mm mounting to adjuster bolt centers
12 Diode Rectifier - more surface area to dissipate heat
6 Phase Hairpin Stator - Equates to Higher output at lower R.P.M.
16 Pole Rotor with twin internal cooling fans - Precision Balanced up to 20000 R.P.M.
The high pole count rotor results in Less Electromagnetic interferance
Hi-Tech Billet style aluminium housing with adjustable mounting pads
Drive pulleys are available in either billet aluminium - steel - single or twin 'V' and 6 groove serpentine
Finish: Finished in natural Machined Aluminium finish - or Optional Finishes - Polished aluminium finish -
Black Anodized (other colours on request)
Not only a dress up item for Hot Rods - Street Machines and 4WD's etc. -
it provided sufficient power for your sound equipment - high power Lighting -
EFI systems and other accessories such as Electric Fuel pump -
Electric Power Steering - Air Conditioners and Thermo Fans.

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